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half inch

performance (2018) recalling a sexist interaction in a skate shop, transcript below:

Honey came in a couple weeks ago because her blades were getting a little soft

Even a little rusty, because the summer had been humid and hot

Honey came in with lilac soakers

She slipped them off and asked for a 1/2 inch because Honey likes her skates sharp

A lot of goalies don't like such a heavy hollow on the radius

They prefer the glide to the bite

But not Honey

Honey knows that her small height and lighter weight are better suited to a deeper cut on the blade

Honey's been skating and Honey knows what kind of cut will take her from post to post to shot to crease


That's how Honey likes it

Now I like at Honey and I say mmmmmmm

She said a 1/2 inch but I know Honey's personal preferences about Honey's blades when Honey skates in Honey's games

So I give her a 5/8

Soft, easy

That'll be 25

And I even throw in an unsolicited, common sense tip about how to take care of those blades 

As if Honey hasn't been skating for 20 years of her life

Honey slips the soakers on and hurries off and I call after

'Take care, Honey.

Come back again soon.'

She doesn't.

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