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"Warm" invokes the body warming up for physical activity, specifically referring to my experience as an ice hockey goalie. The interaction between gender and endurance are the focus in this performance, which calls out the continuing misogyny in the sport and culture of ice hockey today. The installation comprised a goal post silhouette and a series of "game pucks" that told a story from my experiences playing on a men's team. The text reads: "October 19th 2018 There were hard parts of today, like men’s league tonight. It was the kind of game that cleans you out. The bull-headed guy who can’t skate well but likes to use his heft to hit the puck as hard as he can from inside the hash-marks started it. Now, I’m a goalie so mental toughness is the usual but there was a moment of panic where I felt unsafe out there. The game made me feel like a girl. It was the kind of game that exhausts, that makes you feel crazy for choosing it. But stopping wouldn’t do, nor would it do to ask people to back off. I reminded myself I’m a woman, women are conditioned to take it. I stayed. I took it."

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